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So the first half of this has been proof read and corrected by solar FUCKING flare, but every sentence he went grammar nazi on me, so i told him FUCK IT. So any of you that have a problem, know what you can do? You can post a question to me, which I will promptly and immediately press the “Ignore, and Go Die” button on. - Solar Essence

Stop correcting me while I’m typing this.

I hate you, go die.

Solar Essence: Sorry it took so long, I just started working again and have been BATSHIT BUSY…

I’m done answering questions for the night. Goodnight, Tumblr.


((So I drew these myself. My art is not that great at all. I’m not an artist, no matter how much people say I can be. I just can’t see me doing all the great things everyone else can. Solarflare also didn’t have a special somepony… Oh well. Suck for him. Haha!))

Who else is in the same boat? (Just something I decided to draw up instead of actually doing the homework I said I have not done yet. Well… here’s to getting started.)

Who else is in the same boat? (Just something I decided to draw up instead of actually doing the homework I said I have not done yet. Well… here’s to getting started.)


((The picture you see in the third panel is by someone, I think, does awesome and cool pictures. I also felt that was the best way to say where ponies come from no matter what. Sex, psh, make my foals with magic any day!

The picture is over here:

As for my friend, he does, nor condones the act of fornicating with children. He was just fitting to character, which at the time, was blazed beyond reason.))

Crucial Update

Well… My brother Solarflare has 5 questions or something that he needs to answer… >.>

 But he might be done with ponies apparently.

 So i’m kinda stressed right now.

 To those who ARE waiting for questions, gimme a day or 2 and i’ll bust out a bunch of art since i’m getting my tablet. Ordered in on the 30th should be here today (3rd) or at the latest tomorrow.

 All my questions revolve around me drawing them myself currently so yeah, just waiting on that lazy brother of mine to do his. If he doesn’t, well i’m gonna be swamped for a bit…

 -Solar Essence. 


I’m not giving up, I just have a lot on my plate to work with and I don’t have all the time in the world to just sit there and do some updates. (Despite how simple the work looks, I do take time to think about what I am going to do for each question and change what I want several times. So I take care to answer your questions with something that wasn’t just ripped from someone’s generator and used. Fevix, just to answer your question here: No Zoi doesn’t know we are using her generator to do this. However, if you read the guidelines she set, she doesn’t care if you use or post the ponies you make places, just as long as you are not making a profit off it. She even said if you try and tell her that we are doing this behind our back, and still not making money, she will roll her eyes and tell you to forget about it. It’s just for fun.)

My updates will probably come between Friday nights to Sunday nights, while my brothers updates will come when he feels it he should post to a question or several. I’ll make it up to you guys, though. I will bring by a special friend I met at a concert to help me answer the questions we have this weekend.




Didn’t expect to get as much hate as I did for that last post.



I’ll just wear a smile from now on and not express when I’m having a difficult time, so you all can think I’m some mindless drugged up fuckwad that never has a bad day.


It makes me wonder how people can act so selfish and only care about themselves or people they deem worthy. There are people who have it good and people who have it bad. Sometimes the people that have it good think they are getting it bad and say they are at a bad time in their life. It helps to be remembered that you just need to pick yourself up and remember who you really are. The people that put down the ones feeling blue are not worth living in society. This is a community and in a community you should respect and help out everyone you can, because they are worth giving a fuck about. It’s easy to be a bitch to someone, it’s hard to be sincere and mean it.

Jay, do what you want to do, and do it with a smile. We still have the freedom to do whatever makes us happy and no matter what someone says, if it makes you happy, keep doing what you love. A lot of this community still loves your work and cares about you to join your streams to just talk. With you or with each other alongside your opinions.

On another note, I just started working again so question answering will probably be answered on thursdays from now on since I’m helping run an RPG club at my old high school and I’ll have free time when being the assistant GM/Moderator. On another note my tablet should be getting here in either 1 or 2 days, hopefully tomorrow, and with that i’ll be making a seperate tumblr for stuff i’m gonna draw myself that is or isn’t pony related, and then when I get a bit better i’ll start adding stuff to our questions. THANKS ALL!

-Solar Essence

"Draw some shitty hentai"

Solarflare: “… yeah?”

"Draw some shitty hentai"

Solarflare: “… yeah?”